Get Your FREE Leads

This is the page where you can request your free leads. Here is some good to know information.

  • Leads are for affiliates in the Regenalife  Rock Stars Team only
  • To be eligible for leads, you must be ACTIVE at 50 BV or higher
  • We currently have USA and Australian leads
  • Affiliates and Builders get 200 free leads
  • Managers, Bronzes and Silvers get 300 free leads
  • Golds and higher get 500 free leads
  • The rank is based off your highest rank earned with the company
  • You must request leads to get them
  • Your leads will be emailed from Helen Holmes
  • You can expect your leads within 24-48 hours

DOWNLOAD our Text Script & Lead Instructions

When you request your leads, please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Number of Leads Requested
  • USA or Australia leads (please tell her)
  • Affiliate ID #
  • Invoice Number

To get your leads email