Getting Started Training

What I want to do today is provide our Regenalife Getting Started training. Please keep in mind, this is ONLY for people on our team. If you aren’t part of our Rock Stars team, please talk with your sponsor and get guidance from them.

Welcome to Regenalife. You made a great decision to partner up with Regenalife. The name of our team is the Regenalife Rock Stars. My name is Chuck Holmes and I am the founder of the Rock Stars team. I am an independent affiliate with the company.

Listed below are step-by-step instructions to get started in your Regenalife business. Please complete each step in order and you will be well on your way to success with Regenalife.

Phase I: Your First 72-Hours

You just started your own business. Congratulations! Your first goal is to break even, and earn enough to get your initial investment back. Your next step is to make a profit. Our goal is to help you do that within your first 72-hours in the business. If you follow the steps outlined in this training, you can do both of those things!

Phase 1 is the most important phase of your business. It’s important to start right rather than start over. You want to have a SENSE OF URGENCY in your business. Your first 72-hours are critical if you want to build a great success story.

This business was meant to build FAST. The tortoise approach is not the approach you want to take. Simply follow our steps and DO NOT reinvent the wheel.

Here are your objectives for phase I:

  1. Watch the Getting Started Video
  2. Watch the Back Office Training Video
  3. Watch the Compensation Plan Video
  4. Set Up Your Auto-ship
  5. Join Our Facebook Group
  6. Join Our Email Newsletter
  7. Write Down Your 3 Reasons Why
  8. Make Your Top 30 List
  9. Contact Everyone On Your List within 72-Hours
  10. Reach Manager & Acquire 2 Customers
  11. Attend our Next Webinar
  12. Request Your 200 Free Leads

Please make sure you do these things in ORDER.

Getting Started Training Video

The first thing you want to do is take about 30-minutes and watch our team’s getting started video. This video reviews our getting started training for your first 72-hours in the business.

Back Office Training Video

Next, take some time and watch our back office training video. I will navigate you through each part of the back office, so you can set up your profile, replicated website, and see how everything works.

Compensation Plan Video

It’s important that you watch this video so you understand the company’s compensation plan. You don’t need to know every single detail, but you need to have a general overview of how you make money and how we get paid.

Set Up Your Auto-ship

Auto-ship is not required, but it is highly encouraged. By signing up for auto-ship (automatic monthly delivery) you can get additional savings and even free shipping on some products. You want to have at least 50 BV so you are eligible for commissions. There are instructions on how to do this in the back office training video provided above. Please note you can edit, cancel or delete or your auto-ship at any time.

We teach our team to set up their auto-ship for the first day of the month and to choose to have their auto-ship paid for with their commissions, so they have zero out of pocket expenses with the business.

Join Our Facebook Group

We have a group on Facebook for our team. We’re called the Regenalife Rock Stars. It is a secret group so you won’t find it by searching on Facebook. Have your sponsor or upline add you to our group or send me a friend request (and let me know you are part of our team) and I will add you to our group. We provide training, recognition and good to know information in the group. Send me a Facebook friend request here.

Join Our Email Newsletter

I send a training email to all affiliates on our team three times per week. You can sign up for it right here. It’s free. It goes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with good to know information. I cover training, recognition and good to know information. You also get reminders about upcoming webinars and conference calls. Also, each email has an unsubscribe button, so you can unsubscribe whenever you please. Your information is never shared or sold.

Write Down your Three Reasons Why

Most people will skip this step. That is a huge mistake. If you don’t know WHY you are building the business, the HOW does not matter. Take ten minutes and write down your three reasons why. Here are a few examples to get you thinking.

  1. My goal is to earn $1,000 per month, within 12-months from now, so I can bring my wife home from work to help raise our children.
  2. My why is to earn $5,000 per month within the next 36-months, so I can quit my job and travel the world.
  3. My why is to take my Regenalife earnings and pay off my debt completely with the next 24-months.
  4. My why is to earn $1 million with Regenalife within the next 7 years so I can fund a children’s orphanage in a third-world country.

Once you have your three reasons why, please submit a copy to your sponsor and email me a copy to

Make Your Top 30 Name’s List

It’s important that you make your top 30 list right out the gate. Here is what we suggest you do to come up with the names.

Your Closest Friends and Family (10 to 20 names)

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Adult Children
  • Best friendd
  • Co-worker
  • Neighbor
  • Spouse
  • Anyone you would call if you were in a bind

Dream Team (5 to 10 names)

  • Your most successful friend
  • The most successful business owner you know
  • Anyone you know who owns a business
  • Anyone who is in the top 1% of what they do
  • Anyone you would want on your Board of Directors if you owned a million dollar company
  • The wealthiest person you know
  • People with a TON of influence
  • Pastor at church
  • Social media influencers who have hundreds of followers

Product Users (3 to 10 names)

  • Anyone you know who buys organic products
  • The healthiest person you know
  • The gym rat
  • Anyone you know who takes supplements

Network Marketers (5 to 10 names)

  • Anyone you know who is in or was in network marketing at one point in time

30 names is enough for your initial list. In phase 2 you are going to make a much bigger list. This initial list is designed to help you get off to a fast start.

Once your name’s list is written down CONTACT YOUR SPONSOR and let them help you get in touch with your first few prospects. They can be your coach while you learn the ropes.

Contact Your Name’s List within 72-Hours

Here are scripts you can use to contact your name’s list.

Your 20 Closest Friends & Family

I need a favor. I just started my own e-commerce store selling natural and organic products. As a close friend of mine, I would love for you to order just ONE product and give me the name of ONE PERSON who might want to earn some extra money.

Your Dream Team

Hi Bill. I made a list of the 10 most successful/influential people I know. You are one of those 10 people. I just started my own e-commerce business and I’d love if you’d take a look at it and give me your honest feedback. Would you be willing to do that?

Product Users

Hi Jane. I made a list of the 10 healthiest people I know and you were on the list. I just started my own e-commerce business selling natural and organic products, along with CBD products. I would love if you could do me a favor and check out my store and try out one product. If I sent you the link, would you be willing to do that?

Network Marketers

Hi Tina. It’s me Alice. I know you are happy promoting Mark Kay. I was just curious what you did to get leads for your business? If I could show you how to get 330 fresh USA leads every month for just $50 to help you grow your Mark Kay business, AND create a second income stream at the same time, would you be willing to check it out?

Indirect Approach

It’s me, Tony. I hope you are happy and well. I’m calling you to see if you know anyone who might be interested in trying some CBD products or anyone who would like to make some extra money with their own e-commerce business. I am currently paying a finder’s fee for anyone you refer who does business with me.

You may or may not have a personal interest, but I’m hoping you can lead me to just the right person. I’m looking for referrals. Do you know anyone who might be a good fit?

Reach Manager & Get 2 Customers

Our goal is for you to reach MANAGER your first 72-hours in the business, before you’ve even received your products in the mail. This will give you $175 in one time bonuses, plus your commissions. This will also give you a great story you can share with others in the future.

Attend Our Next Webinar

Every Tuesday night at 9pm EST we do our weekly training webinar. The webinar lasts one hour. We do recognition, share corporate updates and do scheduled training. Here is how you can access the webinar.
By Computer or Tablet
  • Download ZOOM on your computer or device ahead of time
  • Head on over to at 9pm EST
  • Our meeting ID is: 406-311-1403
By Phone
  1. Call: (415) 762-9988 or (646) 568-7788. …
  2. Enter the meeting ID 406-311-1403 followed by the # key.
  3. You will be asked to enter your participant ID. If you do not know your participant ID, simply press the # key.
  4. You have now joined the Zoom meeting.
If you miss the webinar, I do record them and post them to YouTube the following day.

Request Your 200 Free Leads

We have a free leads program for all ACTIVE 50 BV affiliates on our team. These are aged USA leads, 7 to 30 days old, that requested information about working from home. I purchase these leads with my own money (no cost to you) to help our team succeed. We communicate with these leads by text (not calling them). When you receive your leads, you will receive scripts and instructions with it on what to say and do.

Anyone who orders 50 BV or more in a month will get 200 free leads from me. If you are a Manager, Bronze or Silver you get 300 free leads each month, and if you are a Gold or Platinum you get 500 free leads each month. This is for new and existing affiliates.

To request your leads, please email Helen is my mom. She is a business partner with me. She sends out all of the leads. When you email her, please include:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Affiliate ID #
  3. Your Invoice #
  4. Number of Leads 200
  5. Whether you want Australian or USA leads

Final Thoughts

That’s it for phase 1. Do these steps in order. Do every step. Do them ALL in your first 72-hours in the business. Get started right so you don’t have to start over. If you’ve been in the business for a while now, but haven’t gotten the results you desire, remember it’s never too late to start over or reinvent yourself.

Do NOT start texting leads until you have followed all the steps and contacted your top 30 list.