Marketing Materials

On this page, I will share some of my favorite Regenalife marketing materials I have created to help you grow your business.  Feel free to use them as is or modify them as you see fit.

Regenalife Banner Ads

What you see below are the banner ads.  All you need to do is click on the image, save it to your computer and then upload it to the website where you want it to be a banner ad.

120 x 600 Banner Ads

120 banner weight loss120 banner clarity120 banner fruits120 banner mlm120 banner need money

125 x 125 Banner Ads

best home business banner

make money banner

250 x 250 Banner Ads

overweight250 banner ads

250 weight loss250 money

250 mlm250 fruits

250 clarity

300 x 250 Banner Ads

300 clarity banner300 weight loss banner300 money banner300 mlm banner300 fruits banner

468 x 60 Banner Ads

Linked these banner ads to your capture page or opportunity overview page.

opportunity of a lifetime

number one opportunity

network marketing without the headaches



468 need more money

468 mlm

Link this banner ad to the Regenaslim or weight loss pill page.

468 lose weight

Link this banner to the Daily Dose Super Greens.

468 fruits

Link this banner to the new Focus Factor page.

468 clarity

300 x 300 Banner Ads

postcard banner

728 x 90 Leader Board

The banner ad you see below would be great for linking to your opportunity overview page.

728 mlm

get health make money

opportunity banner

728 need more money

banner more

Link to Regenaslim or Weight Loss pills.

728 lose weight

weight loss banner

Link to the Daily Dose Super Greens page.

health banner

728 fruits

Link to our new Focus Factor product.

mental clarity banner

Regenalife Drop Cards

A drop card is nothing more than a piece of card stock (or thick paper) with a marketing message on it.  Normally, they are slightly bigger than a business card, but smaller than a postcard. You can leave drop cards in rest rooms, at restaurants, gas stations, toll booths and hundreds of other places. You can even enclose them in an envelope when you mail a letter or pay bills. This is an inexpensive, easy way to generate leads.

drop card

Regenalife Post Cards

Regenalife has their own postcard marketing system. You can learn more about that here. In the event you want your own postcards made, you can go to and search for “post card design”. The project should cost you $10 to $20 to have your own postcard designed.

When it comes to printing postcards, I’ve found the best vendor online. I think so anyway. I am a happy customer with them. You can buy 5,000 postcards for $137 with free shipping. I doubt you will beat this price anywhere.  The postcards are 4 x 6 inches and are VERY high quality. Just email me at if you want me to put you in touch with the vendor.

When it comes to mailing postcards, you’re going to pay about 42 cents per postcard when you factor in printing, leads and postage. That means you can mail 100 postcards for about $42. It’s not the most inexpensive lead generation strategy, but it will work for some people.

In my own postcards, I never say Regenalife. Also, I always send people to a capture page first, so I can generate a lead and then follow up with them automatically. Whatever you do, do not send people directly to your Regenalife website on your postcard.

Purchasing Leads

In the event you want to purchase leads for your postcards, check out the vendors below.

For postcards & direct mail

To call or email

If you want to purchase leads to call or text, you can do that directly through Regenalife.

Example Flyers

Here is an example flyer I had made up by a design artist. All you need to do is click on the link and then change out my name, website, email and phone number and replace it with your own information. You can post these flyers on community bulletin boards or you can enclose them in all of your outgoing mail.

You can print these at home or at a local office supply store. That being said, the best price I have found online for 1,000 copies is just $18 with free shipping. That’s just 1.8 cents per copy. My local office store charges me 8 cents per copy.  Here is the link to it. 

Example Solo Ads

Solo Ad # 1

SUBJECT: Carl Sagan Big

Have you any idea as to the size of the baby boomer market?

Did you know that every 7 minutes an American adult hits the age of 60, and we will keep that rate of aging until 2025?  Between now and 2025 will be looked back on as the ‘golden years’ of wellness MLM companies.

Golden years.

What about the golden years of retirement?

Some people are ready for their golden years. Others are still paying into Social Security. Boomers MUST plan for their retirement as if Social Security won’t be there.

Not only that, many pension plans have… well let’s just say I hope you aren’t depending on a Detroit City Pension.

The sad fact is that we can’t afford to get sick.

As more Baby Boomers get close to retirement age, more of them are utilizing the wellness industry.

As many as 1 in every 5 health club members are over the age of 50. Because of this, more exercise equipment is becoming targeted toward older adults.

You and I have a 20-year business plan if we want it.  Perhaps you’ve been worried about your future.

Perhaps you don’t have a plan.

But, I have one and there is room for you. In fact, this plan will be so big, there is room for so many more people and that’s why we need to teach them now.

When a market like this happens, you don’t wait. You act.

Act now. You know you want to, so pick up the phone and call me. I am really going to work with you on this, not just at the start, but all the time. My opportunity is on a 20-year track.

Let’s grab on and make this market work for both of us!

Solo Ad # 2

SUBJECT: I got beat up by a bully

I hope you are happy, healthy and well.Yes, it’s true.  I got beat up by a bully.  Who was the bully?

Taxes and his friend inflation.

For most people taxes is their biggest expense.  When you combine that with inflation, it’s a 1-2 punch for the government and you get knocked out.

You see, the value of the dollar goes down every year.

And in most years (not every year) taxes go up.

I recently read that most people work from January to May JUST to pay their taxes.

If that isn’t a scam I don’t know what is.

One of the reasons I started a home business was to fight the tax and inflation bully!

I wanted to reduce my taxable income by having a business and I wanted a business that would keep up with inflation.

Fortunately, my opportunity allows me to do both of those things.

What I like about the company I am partnered with is that all you need to do is switch stores and buy from your own store, and then teach others to do the same thing.

You don’t have to take orders, collect money or make deliveries. You just refer others to shop directly from the company’s website and that is IT.  Every time someone makes a purchase, you will get a THANK YOU check.

If you’re tired of getting eaten alive by taxes and inflation, why not explore your options and do something about it?

Give me a call or send me an email.  I look forward to working with you.

Solo Ad # 3

SUBJECT: Honey Boo Boo…

I get a lot of people interested in my company’s products. I think that is because I know how important they are and I don’t mind talking about them.

Often, there is someone who shows an interest in the product, becomes a customer, and eventually they become tired of referring people to me and just make the decision to become an affiliate.

One such person is Nancy. She sells a lot of product, because of what she’s seen it do for her and those close to her.

But she is not a recruiter. Any time someone is interested in joining the business she has them call me.

Hey, I don’t mind. Her commitment to the products and her spreading the word about our company is super.

She was telling me she is going to stick to this arrangement, because of what happened to her the one time she tried to recruit a friend from work, who told her each day how much he wanted to find something to do to make extra money.

Nancy has no problem talking about the products, but because she’s not money driven, she really was not prepared for her friend.

She has told her friend she would call him that night with someone important on the line as well, who could show him how to make $2,000 or more a month part time. It was agreed and the prospect was excited.

When we called Nancy’s work mate, he answered, and begged to get off the phone because there was a ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ marathon on.

I just laughed knowing there are lots of people like that, and I am used to it. It’s all part of the business we are in.  People have crazy reasons and excuses for not finding ways to change or improve their life.

It took me a while to convince Nancy that this was normal and not to be upset or take it personally.

Hey, Honey Boo Boo needs to eat too. (Actually, she looks like she eats pretty well).

It was just a lesson for Nancy.

So what does it mean? Sure, there are those who are not interested in what I have to offer them.

You and I both know that.

But the important message here is that there are many people who are waiting to hear about our opportunity from you.

People like Nancy.

Six Nancy’s on your team and you would earn a nice living, just in product override residual commissions alone.

And you know what?

There are a lot of Nancy’s out there waiting to hear about our opportunity from you.

Are you ready to take it to them?

I think you are.

Example Address Labels

You should have some custom address labels made up to promote your business.  Put these labels on all your outgoing mail and it automatically promotes your business for you.  What you will see below are two address labels I have had great success with.  Feel free to use these as is, or modify them as you see fit.

address labels

The best place to buy address labels that I’ve found is right on eBay.  Here is the vendor I buy mine from.

Example Facebook Scripts & Posts

Here are some example Facebook scripts and posts you can use to get people’s attention. These are just examples.  Feel free to use your own creativity.  Keep in mind you should never mention Regenalife, the name of the product or share your link.  Curiosity is what sells!

# 1 For the Business

If you’re into health, raise your hand!  If you’re into truly helping people with their health problems and/or their finances, let me hear ya! If you’re into organic, non-gmo products that are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other questionable synthetic ingredients we need to chat! I have a business opportunity for you where you can make an extra $500-$1000 your very first month. Wanna know how? I know how! I can help you do it and show you exactly how to do it!!

# 2 For the Business

Looking for someone who wants to build a long-term income with my company.  This person should have the traits of working hard, consistent and not have the expectation of instant gratification.

The facts are clear: People who want to build a long term wealth portfolio don’t have a short game plan.

Buttttttttt, it’s not that hard to make an extra $500-$1000/mo and I can show you exactly what to do to obtain that and build it into the income you desire!

In the meantime, you will be helping a few people you know learn about health and you will get healthier yourself!!! Sound good? Like, comment, or pm me.

# 3 For Whole Food Bars

Love these anti-aging whole food bars! Organic and free of processed sugar, corn syrup, salt, hydrogenated oils, GMOs, preservatives, or synthetic or artificial sweeteners of any kind! #onlythebestingredients #loveyourself

# 5 For Improving Your Health

If you are interested in improving your health, I can help you with that. If you are interested in improving your finances, I can help with that.

I am here to help those who want to help themselves. Remember, it starts with YOU.  You have to be willing to be brave and make a change, or nothing changes.

It starts with helping others. The more you help those in need, the more your life will change.

When you help others, you will love yourself more.  When you love yourself more, you will care about your health. When you love yourself more, you will know you deserve freedom.

Freedom from medical tyranny, freedom from illness, and financial freedom. Today is the day to make that change.

Today is the day to carve out a few hours a day for yourself.  Maybe you’ve been praying for a change. This message is for you.  You are worth it, and investing in yourself will pay off big time in every way!

If you are needing help, pm me.  I am here to help.