I’m proud to announce our newest Regenalife booklet. The purpose of this booklet is to have a simple way to share the business with people you know and meet without coming across as a pushy salesperson. All you do is hand them the booklet, tell them to check it out, and then follow-up with them in a day or two and ask them what they think. That’s it.booklet 1

About the Booklet

  • Sized 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • 12-pages
  • Black and white
  • It’s simple, with a powerful sales message
  • It does the selling and sorting for you
  • On the inside last page of the booklet, you can write in (or use a label) with your name, website and contact information
  • The booklet has been approved by corporate and cannot be modified in any way

Your Options

You can purchase the booklets from me (already printed) or you can take them to your local printer and have them print them. I have no preference.

If you take it to a local office supply store, it will probably cost you nearly $1 each, because it is 3 double sided 8.5 x 11 inch pages that are then folded in half and saddle stitched with two staples on the edge.

You can purchase booklets from me for 50 cents each, along with free shipping.

My goal is not to make money or lose money on the booklets. I want to break even while giving you a simple and affordable way to share the Regenalife business with others.

Order the Booklets

The booklets are now available (while supplies last). If you want a PDF version emailed to you, so you can have them printed, please email me at Thanks. I will only ship these to USA addresses.