Success Stories

On this page, you can check out some of our Regenalife Rock Stars Team success stories.

Chuck Holmes (Platinum)

My name is Chuck Holmes.  I’m the founder of the Regenalife Rock Stars team.  I’ve been in this great industry since 2002. I joined Regenalife in December 2016.

What excited me the most about the opportunity initially was the compensation plan.  I’ve looked at hundreds of compensation plans through the years, and this is the only one I’ve ever found that is truly great for the part-timer and heavy hitter. No balancing, no breakaways and no gotchas.

At the present moment in time, I’ve been with the company about 17-months.  I currently have over 1,700 affiliates and customers on my team, and I am on the verge of reaching the rank of Emerald, hopefully this month. Regenalife is different than most other companies in our industry.  No hype, pressure or drama. This is the way network marketing should be.  I love this company and everything it stands for.

Great products.  Killer compensation and simple systems ANYONE can follow to build a successful business.  If you’re looking for a forever home in the network marketing industry, you should join Regenalife today!

Will Zanders (Emerald)

My name is Will Zanders. I have been in network marketing for 5 years.  I joined RegenaLife in March 2018 as a result of the ultra lucrative compensation plan and done-for-you online success system.  Using the system, I achieved the rank of Platinum, and coached three of my best friends to the rank of Gold in our first 90 days.

What we like most about RegenaLife is the fact that it is the perfect opportunity for people who are tired of the broken promises, expensive buy ins and complicated, watered down, compensation plans where only the people at the top make any money.

RegenaLife keeps success simple with great compensation, great products, great people, and a great system that anyone can use.  If you want to make money, help people and have fun, it just makes sense to join RegenaLife today!

Yussef Willoughby (Gold)

yussefMy name is Yussef Willoughby. I’m a former Police Officer turned Network Marketing Professional. I’ve been in the industry for 3 years and love what it has done for me and so many others.

I joined Regenalife in March of 2018 and it truly has been a blessing. Many other companies make it hard and almost impossible to have success when starting out, but here with the great training, leadership, products and awesome compensation plan it’s simple and easy to see why we’re growing so fast.

If you’re like most people and looking for a home based business, where everyone is in the perfect position to succeed, I highly recommend joining our team here in Regenalife.

Let’s partner together and help those who truly want to get out of the rat race and away from the 40/40/40 plan that society teaches. Going to work until you’re too old and broke to enjoy retirement is not the way anyone should live and we have a better way to change our financial future.

It’s Our Time, join us and let’s Go Make A Difference! Join my team today!

Landee Martin (Gold)

landeeMy name is Landee Martin. I am brand new to the network marketing industry. I was drawn to Regenalife because of the organic high quality of the products. I was already in the health and wellness space and it just seemed like a perfect fit.

I never dreamed I would make money right away my very first month! I came from a background of a brick and mortar style business where traditionally you have to invest tons of money and time before you ever see a cent.

What I love most about Regenalife is the great leadership and support I’ve received. I’ve learned so much in just 2 months in the business and have experienced some pretty good success. The compensation plan is very generous and I love that the small guy starting out can make some money.

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my business with Regenalife. My plan is to ultimately retire one day with the company, but first I’d like to help at least 5 people make 6 figure incomes. I know if I can do it, others can too.

I’m thankful I took a leap of faith and gave Regenalife and network marketing a try. Join my team today!